Reconciling all things to Christ by proclaiming the gospel of his kingdom

Colossians 1:20


Emerging Vision

Make disciples who are equipped to engage their world with Christ

  • The MIND of christ = Sacrifice and Service

  • The METHOD of christ = Proximity and Presence

  • The MESSAGE of christ = Demonstration and Proclamation of the kingdom


What you can expect

You can expect to discover your place in God’s kingdom story. You will learn to recognize God’s story unfolding all around you. His story is unfolding in your neighborhood, at your place of work or school, and in the places you frequent during the week all through the Fraser Valley. We believe all of these places make up your mission field, and we believe the role of the church is to equip you to become fruitful and effective in the unfolding mission of God.


Emerging Values

Diversity of Leadership

  • APEST:  We will pursue the full spectrum of Ephesians 4:11 leadership that we might grow to maturity in all ways.

  • Age:  We will pursue inter-generational leadership.

  • Gender:  We will pursue representation of women and men on our leadership team. Men and women are created in the image of God, called to ministry and gifted for leadership in the church.

Discerning over Deciding

  • Christ is the head of the church. The role of leaders is to lay aside their own preferences, discern the direction of Christ, and to lead by example.

Equipping over Learning

  • Disciples are apprentices and not just students. We want to equip disciples in the methods of Jesus so that they can be fruitful and effective in their world.

The Heart of the father

  • God has demonstrated a special heart for the poor and the oppressed. We will pay attention to those who are foremost on the heart of God.

  • Jesus came to seek and to save those who are far from God. We will give priority to those whom Jesus came to seek and save.

Deep Community based on Shared Mission

  • To develop deep community you need to share something deep in common. We invite disciples to enter the unique fellowship that is formed when we participate together in the sacrificial mission of the church.

Our BCMB Confession of Faith